Saturday, August 31, 2013

Son of a.......Woodcutter!

We are super excited to welcome back Jack Fouracre, of Son of a Woodcutter. to the September 15th Leslieville Flea.
Have a look at some of his original, hand made pieces and you'll see why:

Jack's philosophy about his design is a great match for the Leslieville Flea.
“My goal is to bring hand crafted, functional and affordable furniture to the public, there is no need to pay such a extortionate premium for reclaimed furniture. Each piece that leaves our shop is completely unique, and that’s the beauty of it, a one off item that just oozes character. We will have a number of different items on display at this Leslieville Flea to give you an idea of what we do. “The rush of satisfaction that comes from making something from nothing like reclaimed lumber, is just addictive. It gives me great pleasure to save things from landfill and I love to chat so drop by and say hi!”

and check out the Son of a Woodcutter video too!

We are happy to welcome Son of a Woodcutter back to the September 15th Leslieville Flea...Behind the Duke...10am-4pm!

P.S.....don't forget to comment here or email us at to send in your requests for items you'd like to see at The Leslieville Flea....let us help you FIND IT AT THE FLEA!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Find it at The Flea!!

Since opening in June the Leslieville Flea has been a great success. Our vendors have an eye for finding some fantastic items and make it their job to pass on these finds to you!

Continuing with this tradition, if there is an item you are looking for....let us know! With over 35 vendors, The Leslieville Flea can track it down.   Send us a pic or describe what it is you want by leaving a comment below here on the blog.  Or you can email us at  We will send out a "Find it at the Leslieville Flea" alert to our vendors who will put that item on their radar and bring to the next Leslieville Flea.  We will help you to arrange for the vendors to hold it for you as well.

We look forward to helping you find that must-have item!  And as a Flea Founder and vendor I'm not immune to the frustration of the hunt.  I've already sent out the notice to vendors for a vintage lacrosse stick I'm trying to find for my 15 year old son....I have no doubt that our amazing vendors will come through for me!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Vendor is by nature a Predatory shopper

Vendors are by nature predatory shoppers! As the vendor for Objetktkul, I admit, I am forever watchful and on the prowl....Skulking about the booths while on a 'break' .......using my superior peripheral vision to scope out other vendors unique finds....making careful 'notes to self' to come back to named vendor before the lady in the red hat scoops up the find which although I have not yet bought belongs to my heart and therefore will be mine!

Each month there is something I just have to own. Last month it was a ring. This month it was the white sheath dress with gold threading from One-Off Vintage and a yellow plastic bracelet (which matches perfectly) from Lucky Patina.

Phew.... Competition is tough! I mean really.... who could blame me when surrounded by all of the eye candy at the Leslieville Flea!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Found at the Lesieville Flea- Restoring the Classics

Vendor Ashley from My Sleepy Desert tells us that the record player pictured here, circa late 1930's, hails from an Ottawa farmhouse where it was enjoyed by 3 sisters. You can just picture them....3 girls swooning over Frank Sinatra while their parents cringed in horror downstairs...... " This was a memorable sale for me as the gentleman that bought it said that he specialized in repairs and could restore it. Our goal for this piece was to find a buyer that could really appreciate and love this item".

Well Ashley....mission accomplished...... . Ted from Ring Audio specializes in the restoration of audio equipment and will ensure that this 78' player gets another chance to belt out some of the classics......

And the star? Ted purchased this charmer from Brad at Fair Judy.  Music amongst the stars. What could be better than that......?

Sunday, August 18, 2013

August Flea....another great Leslieville Flea under sunny skies

Today was the 3rd Leslieville Flea and it just keeps getting better each month.  
The parking lot was full of vendors....and the shoppers showed up in droves to scoop up some great Flea Finds!
Thanks to all the amazing vendors...their wonderful personalities and terrific merchandise really made the day a success.
And of course a huge thank you to all who came out and visited the Flea...hope you all enjoyed yourself as much as we did!

Here's a quick look at some Flea scenes from the day....

We are already excited for the next Leslieville Flea....Sunday September 15th, 10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Furniture at the Leslieville Flea, August 18th...10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

Curated home design. Putting your own personal stamp on your home through well thought out choices of furniture results in a space that is uniquely yours.  Your home will reflect your personal style and become be a place you can be proud to share.  Visit the the Leslieville Flea this Sunday and choose the antique, vintage or hand crafted piece of furniture that will become statement pieces in your home!

Shopping vintage or antique furniture is great on so many levels.  The craftsmanship and materials are often a higher quality than most modern, manufactured pieces.  Furniture crafted years ago was built to last...both in function and design.   Vintage and antique pieces are often a smaller scale which makes them perfect for a city home or condo.

When you purchase a piece of hand crafted furniture from one of our skilled vendors you are getting a piece that has been designed and built with quality and function in mind.  They are often one of a kind pieces that are as gorgeous as they are useful.

Here are just some of the items of furniture to be found at the Leslieville Flea on August 18th.

In addition to the amazing furniture at the Leslieville Flea, you will find loads of other items to fill your closet and accessorize yourself and your home.  From cameras to and home decor to vintage clothing....there is truly something for everyone at the Leslieville Flea!...just ask Brad Wheeler of the Globe and Mail who recently featured us in his "5 Things"article in the Globe and Mail:

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Douglas and Son Back at the Flea.....and TKD kicks it up a knotch!!

Very very happy to announce Douglas & Son and Tatiana of TKD are returning to the Flea this Sunday August 18th from 10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

We heard from Douglas & Son and they've been picking all over Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and New York over the last few weeks and are bringing a vanload of their choicest picks to the Leslieville Flea.... metal letters, classroom maps, mid-century chairs, industrial furniture, metal stools, wood crates, waterskis, vintage wool blankets, globes, great signage, apothecary bottles, reclaimed furniture, lighting, and tons more. Check them out ....from 10-4!

Over at TKD....Tatiana has been busy designing and making some fantastic new pieces just for the Leslieville Flea!!  She will be bringing her signature style of Tatiana Kozlov Design in Back to School Pouches and NEW!!!! iPad pockets in plaid...and more!

Many satisfied Flea visitors can be seen leaving with one of TKD's original and fun pouches under their arms.....don't miss them...this Sunday August 18th from 10am-4pm, Behind the Duke!

Twice Found...Again....Can be found at the August Leslieville Flea....August 18th, 10am-4pm Behind the Duke!!

Twice Found...Again is a returning vendor who specializes in vintage pottery.  Holly told us for the August Flea she will bring Canadian pottery, particularly different tableware lines from the Quebec company Beauce Pottery (Beauceware, Ceramique de Beauce), produced in the late 60's, early 70's. She will also have tableware from at least 2 other Quebec potteries, Laurentian and Sial. 

To add a little whimsy she says she will bring some animals, largely from Canadian potteries, including Elwill and Blue Mountain from Ontario. 

To add a dash of colour Holly will bring some West German pottery from the same era. 

Here's a preview of what to will definitely want to browse from her collection!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Leslieville Flea welcomes Three Fishes...this Sunday August 18th from 10am-4pm..Behind the Duke!

The Leslieville Flea is proud to announce the arrival of Three Fishes to the Flea!

They will be joining us Sunday to share some of their great vintage wears.  Joanne of Three Fishes wrote to tell us:

"Threefishes are so excited to join the Leslieville Flea!  We will be bringing something for everyone to this flea...vintage and designer clothing, vibes for the homestead, footwear and clothing and toys for kids of all ages! You can visit us this Sunday or online @"

check out a few of the items they will be bringing with them this Sunday....

Scandimania....back at the Flea!!! August 18th 10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

Scandimania has been at the Flea from the start and we are so happy they will be there again August 18th!

They will be bringing with them their usual amazing collection of Scandinavian inspired jewelry and collectibles.

For the August Flea they will also be bringing some great new pieces....have a look and see what you can expect for August 18th!

Don't forget....we are staying open til 4pm from this month onward so you can have some extra time to peruse our ever increasing amount of vendors!  We will be taking over even more space in the lot Behind the Duke so you will have more to see and more time to shop it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Six....coming this Sunday to the Flea!

We are happy to welcome "Six"  to the Leslieville Flea this Sunday....

six. is a jewelry line created by Lauren Passander, a Toronto artist.  She has the ability to create visually stunning, handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that are simple, yet elegant and rich in nostalgia. Her jewelry is made from deconstructed antique pocket watches, along with re-worked vintage jewelry, charms and trinkets. 
six. is an exploration of the past, a celebration of fine craftsmanship and a never ending story…

Welcoming back Fair Judy's to the Leslieville Flea. August 18th 10am-4pm, Behind the Duke! at Queen and Leslie

The Leslieville Flea is excited, as always, to welcome back Fair Judy's Antiques and Curiosities to the Leslieville Flea this Sunday, August 18th.

Brad from Fair Judy's has a great eye for finding those really cool objects that will just make a room.  From furniture to posters....vintage suitcases, wall hangings....collectibles, antiques and more....Fair Judy's has something that will soon become a conversation piece in your home.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bragg & Bee...back at the Leslieville Flea!!! August 18th from 10am-4pm, Behind the Duke!!

The Leslieville Flea is happy that Bragg & Bee will be joining us once again on August 18th behind the Duke tavern  Always a hit with shoppers, Bragg & Bee will have plenty of nostalgia for sale, vintage camp themed items, antique flags, and retro clothing.  Here's a teaser of what to expect at their booth....
See you there!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lady Galt and Hawk and Sparrow are teaming up for the next Flea August 18th, 10am-4pm....Behind the Duke!

The Leslieville Flea is happy to announce Lady Galt Vintage is returning August 18th and she is bringing along a friend! Lady Galt Vintage has a large collection of vintage leathergoods, clothing and accessories. 

"My collection started with a pristine 1980's white Ferragamo purse and I've been on the hunt for quality, stylish classics ever since"

Lady Galt Vintage has a small space in the Southworks Antique Mall in Cambridge Ontario and can be found on Facebook.

"I love colourful silk scarves, vintage sunglasses and  quintessential leather purses"

Joining Lady Galt Vintage this month is Hawk and Sparrow....Hawk & Sparrow is a curated boutique of new and vintage clothing for men and women located in the art district of Hamilton, Ontario. H&S sources their pieces both locally and internationally. It is Hawk & Sparrow's mission to only pick pieces that are truly beautiful and unique. 

126 James Street North
Hamilton, Ontario

To visit online go to

Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy to welcome Mrs Huizenga to the Leslieville Flea, August 18th from10am-4pm Behind the Duke!

Mrs. Huizenga has been an anchor vintage store in the Roncy neighbourhood, established in 2005 and growing in leaps and bounds ever since. Last November the store made a bold move and relocated to the site of the old Goodwill at 28 Roncesvalles, selling stylish vintage clothing and accessories; furniture large and small; household décor from funky to elegant to functional; artwork of all varieties; and any manner of objects de vertu from collections of sable paintbrushes to sculptural antique tools.
The store also presents twice-monthly Hookerson-Blough Auctions of antique, vintage, retro and collectible items from local dealers and private collectors, which are designed to be as much a social event as they are sales. They’re friendly to first-time bidders, with a licensed cash bar and snacks. Everyone is welcome to try to beat the dealers to the deals – but the store can’t help but delight in auction items showing up in Aberfoyle and at St. Lawrence Antique Market the following weekends.
Mrs. Huizenga also holds special occasion events at the store, from vintage clothing collectives to salon evenings with local musicians, to believe it or not: a wedding reception. Having an enormous storefront affords the store great opportunities, and this means saying “YES!” to industrial carts with perfect patina, “Whee!” to Victorian sofas for lolling about on, and “Hell yeah!” to a vintage collector letting go of rack of clothing. 

We are thrilled to have them as vendors at the next Leslieville Flea!  Come check them out August 18th!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Coco and Bear are coming to the Flea....August 18th from 10am-4pm, Behind the Duke!

At Coco&Bear Vintage, we love to rummage through old homes, garages and barns to pick unique vintage finds for the home. Our mix of home decor, industrial and shabby chic finds can be found on our online Etsy shop -

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Welcoming back Broody Hen to the Leslieville Flea ....August 18th, Behind the Duke 10am-4pm

Broody Hen Designs is primarily about children's stuff; Quilts, Blankies, Onsies, toddler tees, Pillows, wall art etc BUT with a side of consignment goods. At the Leslieville Flea you will find colourful snugly goods and can place custom orders for name blocks, pillows and onsies. You will also find a smattering of some vintage goods and very affordable consignment good such as purses, scarves and clothes.

Be sure to stop by Broody Hen August 18th from 10am-4pm....Behind the Duke! at Queen and Leslie and you can also check them out online at

Monday, August 5, 2013

New Vendor!...My Sleepy Desert...coming to the Leslieville Flea August 18th!!

We are happy to introduce a new vendor to the Leslieville Flea this month.
My Sleepy Desert sells Art, Housewares, Vintage Clothing and Jewelry either from or inspired by the desert in Arizona.
Ashley of My Sleepy Desert says she finds her inspiration in nature and in vintage shops.  She enjoys finding vintage gems in Arizona (Phoenix is a fave destination for thrift store shopping) and bringing them back here to sell at her online boutique.
Here's a sampling of some things she will be selling at the August Leslieville Flea on August 18th from 10am - 4pm!! heard it!! We have extended our day to 4pm at the request of many of our customers so you will have more time to shop all the amazing vendors like My Sleepy Desert.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Introducing Cool Cabin to the August 18th Leslieville Flea!!

One more reason to come by and check out the Flea on August 18th...NEW HOURS!! from 10am-4pm and new vendor Cool Cabin!  Tamara describes their aesthetic like this:

"Cool Cabin.  Think rustic industrial with a touch of glam. Each piece personally curated and selected for its’ beauty and function, Cool Cabin offers one of a kind pieces that are sure to stand out in your home décor.  If you love wood, all things French, linens, and function you’ll love what we have.  
Come and visit us and bring home a bit of the Cabin!"

Have a look at some of the great things Tamara will be bringing to the "Cabin" August 18th.

Friday, August 2, 2013

New Vendor Profile - Zazou Bisou!

We are really excited to have another new vendor selling vintage clothing at the August Leslieville Flea taking place on August 18th from 10am-4pm....when you see the things Julie is bringing you will be glad for that extra hour!

Julie Federman of Zazou Bisou has had a passion for vintage since a very young age - going through the racks of neighbourhood thrift stores and finding silk blouses, cute dresses and retro knick knacks with glee. 
The goal of Zazou Bisou is to pass on that glee-of-the-find to vintage lovers and modern mavens everywhere. If it makes her smile, she'll likely add it to her inventory. Zazou Bisou is a treasure trove of delectable hand-picked vintage clothing, decor & accoutrements spanning a variety of eras and aesthetics.

Each item is selected with care to satisfy the fashionista, femme fatale, and glamour puss in everyone!

Zazou Bisou is thrilled to make new friends while vending at this month’s Leslieville Flea. See you there!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Vendor Profile: Sass and Ginger

Sass and Ginger will be joining the Leslieville Flea for the first time on August 18th, behind the Duke from 10am-4pm (yes we are open an extra hour!!)
Steph and Dave from Sass and Ginger describe themselves like this:

"With our penchant for creating and collecting, we want to share our love of pretty patterns, vintage oddities and personal artwork.

Sass & Ginger is the source for the home or office space, bedroom or mancave that wants to stand out, and just be cooler than everyone else's. We have gifts for quirky friends and family members who are always hard to shop for, especially manly men, nerdy academics, history buffs, adventurers and hipsters."
Selling housewares and décor, refurbished furniture, original photography and illustration, as well as handmade pillow covers, textiles and up-cycled art...Sass and Ginger will be a must see on your trip to the Leslieville Flea August 18th!