Saturday, September 28, 2013

Upcycle Saturdays: Stylin' with The Leslieville Flea!

Decorating using vintage finds from Flea Markets has many advantages.  It's eco-friendly and employs all three of the R's ( reduce, re-use and recycle).  Flea finds are also easy on the pocketbook with most items being very budget conscious.  It's a great way to add personality and complete originality to your home.

Each week the Leslieville Flea will bring you a new way to decorate your home using Flea Market Finds.

This week we've chosen the unsuspecting wooden ladder.  You might wonder what to do with one of these if you are lucky enough to find one at The Leslieville Flea and take it home.

Here's a few functional and stylish ways that you can put them to use in your home.
 Stain and finish the ladder... then use it as a towel rack.

Leave it rugged and unfinished (with all the vintage paint still on it!)
and use it as a magazine rack.

If you are handy, you can add a shelf to the top and the ladder becomes the support.

Just a few ways to use a wooden ladder in your home...can you think of any more?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shine on at the Leslieville Flea

Angelina and son Auggie with a cool vintage lamp from Sourced and Salvaged for their new home and some tunes to add atmosphere. You can never get enough of the classics......Speaking of classics....the next Leslieville Flea is October 20th behind the Duke !! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Found at the Leslieville Flea- Cashmere and lots of it!

Chris from Vintage Design Classics was a popular guy at the last Leslieville Flea. Offering cashmere sweaters in an array of colours and styles, there was a sweater to please everyone, both men and women. And the price!! Wow!!

Apparently the ladies below, from left, Seema Antflick, Brenda Lowes and Chris Roberts ( Shes- Crafty) could not resist the warm, soft appeal of the sweaters and just had to wear them right away!

Luckily for us Vintage Design Classics will be back at the Leslieville Flea October 20th with a fresh stock of cashmere lovelies. Christmas shopping for my family will happen just a little earlier this year .......

Friday, September 20, 2013

Hello friends of the Leslieville Flea;
The inaugural Leslieville Flea began in June 2013  and has now grown to over 35 vendors.  They travel to cities and towns far and wide to bring you the best in vintage, retro and upcycled finds.

We are thrilled to announce that the Leslieville Flea will continue throughout the Fall and Winter seasons!

Sunday, October 20th will be our last outdoor Flea,  behind the Duke tavern,  before we move indoors to the Jimmy Simpson Recreation Centre at 870 Queen Street East.
The first indoor Flea at Jimmy Simpson Community Center (The Jimmy) will be held Sunday, November 17th.  The December Flea will be held Sunday, December 15th.  The hours for the indoor Leslieville Flea will remain 10am-4pm.

We also excited to welcome some of Toronto’s hottest independant food vendors to the indoor Leslieville Flea!  You can now satisfy your taste buds as well as your design taste!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vendors Favourites at the Leslieville Flea

Another fantastic day at the Leslieville Flea. The clouds could not erase the smiles from Leslieviler's and vendors alike. Here are just some of the vendors favourite pieces from the day; pennants galore at Fair Judy, a bowl made from a salvaged chunk of maple at She's Crafty, Pyrex at Philistine, a cuddly Teddy from Katya and Stephen at Scandamania and a shawl coat from Wild Thing Vintage.

On the hunt for a vintage item? Email us at We will send the request out to our over 30 vendors who will do the hunting for you and bring it to the next Leslieville Flea.  Sunday, October 20th behind the Duke.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eve Weinberg with her finds from the Leslieville Flea

Eve Weinberg, Interior Designer at Hillcrest Design Inc ( with her finds from the Leslieville Flea; some fantastic multi coloured bowls from Falachan and metal organizer from Objektkul. Eve will soon be launching a design waste upcycle business called evelikesgreen which re-distributes waste such as textiles and wallcoverings from designer's showrooms. Very cool. Can't wait to see!

Next Leslieville Flea is October 20th. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Douglas and Son....back to school goes Old School this sunday at the Lesllieville Flea

Douglas + Son returns to the Leslieville Flea, this Sunday September 15th from 10am-4pm. behind the Duke, with another truckload of fantastic vintage. Among the finds are: a 1950's 30-drawer blue metal cabinet, classroom maps (Caribbean, America, Australia), vintage Canadian coffee tins, Signs a'plenty (school crossing, vintage advertising), industrial storage, reclaimed furniture, letters, crates and wire baskets, trunks, globes, stools/seating, patches + pennants + flags, feed bags, antlers, apothecary bottles, and 47-feet of vintage hemp rope... plus lots more of the real good stuff.
Check out more D+S at:
Twitter: @DouglasandSon

L&A Vintage is headed to The Leslieville Flea again....and bringing something to light up your home!

L&A Vintage are back at The Leslieville Flea again tomorrow....Sunday, September 15th from 10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

Anita from L&A Vintage tells us about her passion for making beautiful candles....

"I love collecting mason jars!   It was a hobby that got out of hand.  I love candles, scent and mason jars,  the rest is as they say HISTORY!"

"My candles have at least 40 hours of burn time.  Beautifully scented for maximum ambience.  Each jar is vintage and unique. Soap and water wash after candle is done and your vintage jar is ready to use.  Hand poured candles in pint sized jars.  My choices of scent stem from a unique combination of natural scents. Honey And Lavender anyone?"

These are perfect for those cool fall nights!! They'd also make a terrific hostess gift....I may just pick up a few to keep on hand!
Stop by and see Anita & Len tomorrow at the Flea...!

Lucky Patina- The place to find Bakelite and Rafael Canada Jewelry- at the Leslieville Flea- Sunday, September 15th

My booth was located directly behind Lucky Patina at the Leslieville Flea in August and truth told it was rather distracting!
Their collection ranges widely from very cool but reasonably priced rings to more exclusive pieces such as Bakelite and Rafael Canada Jewelry. This month they will also be carrying men's cuff links and tie clips, lots and lots of vintage housewares and in preparation for the fall....comfy wool blanket.

Plan to spend some time studying their pieces. Jonathon and Eric are well versed in vintage and always happy to explain the history behind each piece.

See you at the Leslieville Flea, Sunday September 15th behind the Duke tavern

Scandamania back at the Leslieville Flea - Mid Century modern and fantastic!

We are always happy to have our friends from Scandamania at the Leslieville Flea. Their curated collection of sophisticated mid century modern furniture, clothing and accessories.always impress and September is no exception!

Below is a sneak peak of the gems Scandamania will be bringing with them including a functional two tiered teak table,  luggage and 70s studio ceramic that I am sure will not be going home with them and....for those of you ready to embrace the cooler weather...a Burberry trench with plaid lining.

My advice.....GET TO THE LESLIEVILLE FLEA!!! September 15th from 10-4

Friday, September 13, 2013

Mrs Huizenga...back at the Leslieville Flea....September 15th from 10am-4pm....Behind the Duke!

Mrs. Huizenga, that great big fun store on Roncesvalles, is happy to be back at the Leslieville Flea because the staff member who sets up the booth has a long history in the neighbourhood.

A L-ville resident of 12 years, Marla Good misses working at Winkel - the "little shop with a lot of stuff" that you might remember from days past. She's so happy to find herself working for what feels like winkel on steroids, that bringing her new digs home with her and sharing it with friends and neighbours at the flea feels a lot like a social event. Selling beautiful wooden benches with great patina, funky shoes, sterling charms and vintage photographs at the Leslieville Flea is as heady as sipping champagne when it's all so friendly.
Bringing the store's concept all the way over from 28 Roncesvalles to the East End isn't an easy task, since it's six thousand square feet of awesome treasures with ten creative employees putting together intriguing displays often featuring very huge and unique items in between lively auctions of unique and vintage items - but Mrs. Huizenga tries.

The Hookerson-Blough auctions held on every first and third Thursday each month at the store mean that it's revamped practically weekly. The store is never the same way twice, which is the only thing that's a constant there. And setting up at fleas around town works much the same way - each one has its own flavour and feel.

How a flea is done is like so: Look around, see what makes a collection, a colour story, a feeling, a style. This week, as we can see in the photos, the store is feeling a little arty, a little green and fresh and funky, so that is what might come to the flea. There's a rumour that the famous $10 clothing rack or $5 bin might make a rare appearance too. Put it all together and pack it in things that you'll also hopefully sell, and hope others fall in love with most of it too - we don't want to bring it back  home, you know. And after all, the store's tagline is "Selling nice things to nice people since 2005."  

Vintage Cashmere affordable prices!! Just in time for the cooler fall this Sunday's Flea!!

VintageDesignClassics will be bringing several hundred vintage pure cashmere sweaters in a sea of colours. We have a good selection of styles and sizes, providing an affordable option to many for this precious and practical natural fibre. The super soft sweaters are hit with many this time of the year so be sure to visit us early for a wider selection.
I will seriously race you all to these!!!  Can't wait to see them at the Flea...this Sunday September 15th from 10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

Sourced and Salvaged...returns to The Leslieville Flea Sunday September 15th 10am-4pm

SOURCED & SALVAGED is excited to return to the Leslieville Flea and promises to bring some of their incredible industrial, vintage,  re-purposed and reclaimed pieces. SOURCED & SALVAGED will be featuring reading lamps made from unique industrial lights, newly obtained printing press trays, vintage drafting stools and tons of great bottles and jars. They will also be bringing some great green enamel lights wired and ready to hang, 3 types of Mason jar lights, and some great skeleton key necklaces. Whether you live in a downtown loft or suburban neighbourhood, SOURCED & SALVAGED has something to accentuate any decor. If you have a dog, bring them along. Darius has dog cookies!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Broody Hen.....she's been busy prepping for this Sunday's Flea! September 15th, 10am-4pm..Behind the Duke!

Broody Hen has been sewing her little boots off! Lots of fun, beautiful and cozy pillows and blankies just waiting to be loved! Order your custom name block, pillow or onsies at the Leslieville flea to get way ahead of the Xmas shopping season!

Also available are some funky vintage goods, like wooden shutters, cast iron candle sticks, plastic moose head, farm chairs and more. Come by and say hi to Broody Hen this Sunday at the Leslieville flea!

Bragg & Bee...always buzzing at the Leslieville Flea!!

We are really glad Bragg & Bee are back at the September 15th Leslieville Flea...10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

Have a look at the great stuff they are bringing with them....Taylor and Lauren from Bragg & Bee have a  smile for everyone...... you will definitely want to come see these guys.

Really cool finds and Lauren and Taylor of Bragg & Bee are the nicest people ever...we are so lucky to have so many talented and friendly vendors at the Leslieville Flea...come say hello to them this Sunday!

Leslieville Flea welcomes The Vintage Cabin September 15th

We are super happy to announce the arrival of Vintage Cabin to the September 15th Leslieville Flea.
Becke of Vintage Cabin tells us:
"The Vintage Cabin offers vintage industrial & mid century finds as well as handmade modern lighting and coat racks. I scour the country looking for a wide assortment of decorative and collectible items. I don't stick to one style so you never know what you'll find at each sale. In true flea market fashion, I aim to offer my finds at reasonable prices so the turnover is high and my stock is always fresh. Come early for first dibs!"
Judging by the cool items here...I'd say coming early is a great idea!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Filly and Foal...get interactive!!

Welcome back to another fave vendor...Filly and Foal!!
They will be at the Leslieville Flea this Sunday, September 15th from 10am-4pm and will be bringing some great things with them for their booth.
They will also be featuring a "make your own button" station  and will be making custom buttons all day (1 for $2 or 3 for $5), and selling scores of fall-ready vintage clothes for your kids to pin them to. Come say hi!

Lulu and Lolie...back at the Leslieville Flea...this Sunday Sept 15th from 10am-4pm....Behind the Duke!

Lulu and Lolie are so excited to be back at the Leslieville flea this month!

They will have a wonderful selection of winter coats, (including two Hudson Bay coats!) hats, scarves and wool blankets to keep you warm as the cool weather rolls in as well as some amazing fall and winter fashions.

Don't forget to check out their fantastic selection of vintage housewares too (lots of pyrex!)
Come check them out this Sunday at the Leslieville Flea Sunday September 15th from 10am - 4pm. them on facebook ( for up to the minute photos of their current stock! 

Feel free to make a request for items ...We would love to help you FIND IT AT THE LESLIEVILLE FLEA!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who's the Fairest of them all? Fair Judy's is pretty much at the top of that list my friends!!

Brad from Fair Judy's will be joining the Leslieville Flea once again...and we are super excited.  Not only does he continually have fantastic things to see and buy....he is just one heck of a nice guy!
New this month from Fair Judy's are signs made from old licence plates and mounted on barn board!!! How cool is that?  He will even do custom orders!
Brad also answered the call when a customer emailed us about a FIND IT AT THE FLEA item....she is looking for an old desk that is appropriately sized for an elementary school aged child...I think he certainly ended that search!!

Have a look for yourself on the goods...

And stop by to see Brad on Sunday September 15th from see what a really nice guy he is!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Valiant Bob...welcome to the Leslieville Flea!!!

The Leslieville Flea is happy to welcome Valiant Bob to the Sunday, September 15th Flea...10am-4pm Behind the Duke! Tyla and Lacy sum themselves up like this:

"We are a husband and wife team creating fashions with an eco conscious mind. The design line is an extension of us and we love to create and share our passions. Our line consists of handpicked, repurposed, vintage and organic pieces. We simply believe in creating a line that offers a positive option to our environment while not sacrificing the love for fashion. "

I can't wait to check out their many great pieces...just in time for Fall!

See you at the Flea!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hound Dog Digs and Sweet Escape up at The Leslieville Flea! September 15th, 10am-4pm Behind the Duke!!

Jaime of Hound Dog Digs and Melissa from The Sweet Escape met over an Etsy facebook group page and instantly bonded over their love of vintage. They are now teaming up to bring their fantastic vintage finds to you next Sunday, September 15th at the Leslieville Flea.

Hound Dog Digs specializes in vintage farmhouse-style decor. "We scour barns, attics and basements in search of relics of simpler times gone by. Our unique mix of rustic, cottage chic and French country finds can be found at our online shop" 

The Sweet Escape Vintage is an extension of the lifestyle blog created by Melissa -  a Graphic Designer/Art Director & Blogger with a passion for vintage hunting. She uses her blog to odocument her kitchy & colourful vintage finds and thrifting projects.
So come by The Leslieville Flea, September 15th, 10am-4pm Behind the Duke! and say hi to Melissa and Jaime!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lotsastuff...coming to the September 15th Leslieville Flea!!! 10am-4pm Behind the Duke!

The Leslieville Flea is happy to introduce "Lotsastuff"....the name says it all!
"Carl and Lesley (Lotsastuff) have been collecting and been in the business of the vintage hunt for many years. They are from Northumberland County and will be bringing some interesting items for the flea! They offer for sale an eclectic mix....and they look forward to meeting you at their booth!"
Have a look at some of the things they will be bringing with them....
And don't forget we want to help you FIND IT AT THE keep sending us your requests for items you are searching for...and we will send word out!
Email us at and tell us what you are searching for.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ma Ptite Chouette....back at the Leslieville Flea for September!

We are so happy Ma Ptite Chouette will be joining us again September 15th at the Leslieville Flea....Behind the Duke!
Her clothes and accessories were a hit at the July Flea and wait til you see what she has in store for's a little preview of what you will find on Sunday September 15th 10am-4pm at The Leslieville Flea!

Don't forget...if you have a special item you are searching for we can help you FIND IT AT THE FLEA...just post a comment below, or send us an email of what you are looking for ( and we will have our vendors search for you and bring to the next Flea!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On the hunt for Unique Home Decor at the Leslieville Flea

Leslieville resident and Virgin Radio Toronto's Breakfast Show co-host Maura Grierson is having a blast decorating her new home. Maura is on the hunt for pieces that reflect her own sense of 'just outside the border' decorating.  Uniquely curated pieces which are fun and interesting but also functional.

"I've always been attracted to all things vintage. I like pieces with a past... furniture and decor that tell a story of the era they were designed and the owners who used to enjoy them. Shopping vintage is also a green choice, and it's usually better on your wallet too."

And what better place to find 'unique' than the Leslieville Flea!

What are you searching for? Let us know by commenting below on this blog or Email us at We will send out your request to our vendors who will search for pieces fitting that description and bring them to the next Leslieville Flea! You can visit the Flea and pick them up there...The next one is September 15th. ....You may find something else that you love too!