Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest Blogger...The Broody Hen!

Our guest blogger, Lisa Edgar of The Broody Hen, tells us what she loves about selling at the Leslieville Flea Market:

Let me tell you about the Leslieville Flea and Broody Hen - that's me!  
As I stand on the other side of my table, with my hours of hard work and devotion laid out in front of me, my quilts, blankets, pillows, onsies, tees, bunnies and more, I witness the most wonderful interaction between shoppers as they pause, scan my table and say to each other or to me if they are alone, "who do I know that's having a baby?"  Or they admire a monkey tee, laugh and say, "this would be perfect for my nephew, he's a real monkey"!  "Or my niece would look adorable in this owl onsie"!  Instantly it zaps them out of their world and brings babies, children and good friends baby bumps to mind. A 15 year old girl shopping with her mom said "it's weird because if you think of it, almost everyone at all times knows someone who is having a baby" Well spotted little lady, this is why I am here and what I build my foundation on. I get to hear about babies or see adorable baby bumps and even more adorable I get to goo goo at babies in their strollers or in baby slings. And babies well, Leslieville is full of them! At first I was insecure about my placement at the Flea when I decided to just bring baby items.  But one glance around you see a parade of strollers and bellies and I feel better that it is where I am meant to be. 

The vibe at the Leslieville Flea has been so great. I have met so many awesome people, shoppers and vendors. The feedback about my pieces and the Leslieville Flea has been so positive! I am proud to say I sell at the Leslieville Flea. It has given me the confidence to apply to other local craft fairs so I now have a full Christmas craft show season lined up! 

Here are some pictures of some stock coming to the November indoor flea, Sunday November 17th from 10am-4pm at The Jimmy Simpson Rec Center, 870 Queen Street West.
Add Eco chic fabric scraps filled bunnies
Soft and Colourful blankets
Custom Name your order in time for Christmas!
All natural baby safe laundry soap and DIY sewing kits
Onesies and tees
Super Cute Baby Bibs

In the meantime, check me out on etsy at 
And follow me on twitter @broodyhendesign
See you at the next flea,


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