Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lucky Patina- The place to find Bakelite and Rafael Canada Jewelry- at the Leslieville Flea- Sunday, September 15th

My booth was located directly behind Lucky Patina at the Leslieville Flea in August and truth told it was rather distracting!
Their collection ranges widely from very cool but reasonably priced rings to more exclusive pieces such as Bakelite and Rafael Canada Jewelry. This month they will also be carrying men's cuff links and tie clips, lots and lots of vintage housewares and in preparation for the fall....comfy wool blanket.

Plan to spend some time studying their pieces. Jonathon and Eric are well versed in vintage and always happy to explain the history behind each piece.

See you at the Leslieville Flea, Sunday September 15th behind the Duke tavern

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  1. Omg, too funny: I was trolling Etsy the other night (cannot find vintage anything where I live in France) and discovered the LP shop as I was looking for Rafael pieces - I remember looking at the blue piece you have featured here and thinking to myself how lovely it was for a Rafael piece. Talk about Karma because you commented on my blog around the same time!