Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Say hello to Bragg & Bee-Guest Bloggers at the Leslievlle Flea

Hi I’m Taylor, one half of the vintage team Bragg & Bee and vendors at the Leslieville Flea
People always ask how I got started with selling vintage items....Answer; I met a busy Bee who was as much a collector as I was. We designed our home with our vintage finds and it quickly became a rotating gallery of unique objects. Friends started to ask to buy from our collection, find them specific items, and even design their spaces. Eventually our collections turned into us buying and selling pieces to friends and family. 
 As avid thrifters, garage sale’ers and boon-town road trippers, we love the hunt, the search and the find. The pursuit for the perfect Dansk Kobenstyle paella pan or CN Rail Lantern has landed us in some strange situations. Shaking a no-handed man’s hand at an estate sale in Massachusetts while buying his perfect antique globe. Entering questionable dark basements of craigslist’ers in the Beaches to grab a retro electric fireplace for the next design project. Squaring off with a gypsy garagesaler to bundle a deal while his family gives us the stare down. We find it fun to spend hours on end in a hot and dusty barn full of scales, tools, and industrial storage.  
 When we heard that a new Flea was coming to our neighborhood, we were sold. Why not share our collection with fellow vintage lovers?  Our love for design and all things vintage, retro, industrial, dusty and historical is what drives us to bring exciting items to our booth at the Leslieville Flea every month. We always have new items for your living room, dining room, kitchen, backyard, front porch, and awkward hallway; and our prices make redesigning your space affordable and attainable. We want our customers to be as excited about their flea market find as we were when we first laid eyes on it!
What are you looking for? Let us know. Email us at Leslievilleflea@gmail.com. We may find that final piece to finish off your Pyrex collection in a New Brunswick tree house, or the perfect office storage unit in our mechanics aunt’s garage.

We look forward to meeting you in person at the next Leslieville Flea, October 20th behind the Duke tavern at Leslie and Queen. 
 Taylor and Lauren

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