Saturday, October 5, 2013

Upcycling Saturday: Stylin' with The Leslieville Flea....Vanity Fair!

If you are looking to update your bathroom the easiest way to freshen it up would be with a new vanity. Unfortunately many bought at Designer bath boutiques come with a hefty price tag.  And the ones you find in your home reno store are less than inspiring.

Solution?  Using Flea Market Finds for a custom made vanity at big box store prices.

This is a relatively easy project for most handy DIY'ers to accomplish.  Once you have found a piece you like you are ready to finish it and add some updated hardware.  We chose an old cupboard that had drawers and a door for more storage.

TIP:  Make sure you use a finish that is appropriate for high traffic areas and moisture resistant....most bathroom paints work well here.  Choose one with a high gloss finish for more durability and a luxe finish.

You will need to choose a sink that is suitable for top mounting....these are readily available from big box stores or bath boutiques.

You then have to measure where the plumbing is and cut out the back of the piece to allow room for the pipes.  The top drawer here was cut back to allow for the trap below....and then the face of the drawer fastened on as a faux drawer.

With just a little bit of work and ingenuity you will have a bathroom vanity that is unique and super functional with lots of could even make a double vanity if you come across a wide dresser or sideboard!

So keep your eyes peeled at the next Leslieville Flea October 20th  for pieces that you can transform and make your own!

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