Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Vendor is by nature a Predatory shopper

Vendors are by nature predatory shoppers! As the vendor for Objetktkul, I admit, I am forever watchful and on the prowl....Skulking about the booths while on a 'break' .......using my superior peripheral vision to scope out other vendors unique finds....making careful 'notes to self' to come back to named vendor before the lady in the red hat scoops up the find which although I have not yet bought belongs to my heart and therefore will be mine!

Each month there is something I just have to own. Last month it was a ring. This month it was the white sheath dress with gold threading from One-Off Vintage and a yellow plastic bracelet (which matches perfectly) from Lucky Patina.

Phew.... Competition is tough! I mean really.... who could blame me when surrounded by all of the eye candy at the Leslieville Flea!

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