Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Found at the Lesieville Flea- Restoring the Classics

Vendor Ashley from My Sleepy Desert tells us that the record player pictured here, circa late 1930's, hails from an Ottawa farmhouse where it was enjoyed by 3 sisters. You can just picture them....3 girls swooning over Frank Sinatra while their parents cringed in horror downstairs...... " This was a memorable sale for me as the gentleman that bought it said that he specialized in repairs and could restore it. Our goal for this piece was to find a buyer that could really appreciate and love this item".

Well Ashley....mission accomplished...... . Ted from Ring Audio specializes in the restoration of audio equipment and will ensure that this 78' player gets another chance to belt out some of the classics......

And the star? Ted purchased this charmer from Brad at Fair Judy.  Music amongst the stars. What could be better than that......?

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