Saturday, August 17, 2013

Furniture at the Leslieville Flea, August 18th...10am-4pm...Behind the Duke!

Curated home design. Putting your own personal stamp on your home through well thought out choices of furniture results in a space that is uniquely yours.  Your home will reflect your personal style and become be a place you can be proud to share.  Visit the the Leslieville Flea this Sunday and choose the antique, vintage or hand crafted piece of furniture that will become statement pieces in your home!

Shopping vintage or antique furniture is great on so many levels.  The craftsmanship and materials are often a higher quality than most modern, manufactured pieces.  Furniture crafted years ago was built to last...both in function and design.   Vintage and antique pieces are often a smaller scale which makes them perfect for a city home or condo.

When you purchase a piece of hand crafted furniture from one of our skilled vendors you are getting a piece that has been designed and built with quality and function in mind.  They are often one of a kind pieces that are as gorgeous as they are useful.

Here are just some of the items of furniture to be found at the Leslieville Flea on August 18th.

In addition to the amazing furniture at the Leslieville Flea, you will find loads of other items to fill your closet and accessorize yourself and your home.  From cameras to and home decor to vintage clothing....there is truly something for everyone at the Leslieville Flea!...just ask Brad Wheeler of the Globe and Mail who recently featured us in his "5 Things"article in the Globe and Mail:

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